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World Tour of Music Series

Opening the 2014-15 World Tour of Music Concert series is Shanren, brought to the region with the generous support of Art Midwest’s World Fest grant program. Formed in 2000 in the remote and mysterious Yunnan province , Shanren have become one of China’s top indie folk bands. With members representing some of China’s 56 ethnic groups, including the Wa and Buyi ethnic minorities from Yunnan and Guizhou, the four-piece aims to promote and preserve the colorful and diverse heritage of Yunnan and Guizhou’s many ethnic minority tribes through original compositions and reworkings of local folk melodies.

Shanren fuse indigenous music with rock, reggae, and ska, while showcasing a variety of traditional instruments such as the xiangzi and qinqin (four-stringed plucked instruments) and xianggu (a type of drum). Gaining popularity in Beijing’s small but vibrant alternative folk scene on the strength of their energetic live shows, the band appeared in front of 5,000 people in Cathedral Square at the Barcelona Festival Asia 2010. In 2011, Shanren performed at MIDEM in Cannes and Liverpool Sound City, UK. They are staple headliners at China’s major music festivals and have been featured twice on Hunan Television, reaching an audience in the tens of millions. Wild, eccentric, and charismatic, Shanren are true ambassadors for China’s ethnic diversity and emerging musical creativity.


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