picture of crescendo actor and CIFF logo

Cleveland International Film Festival Offers Live Streaming

With the stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19, The Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) was forced to cancel screenings this April. Thanks to technology, the CIFF will offer about 100 films, including the ORMACO Community Partner film, Crescendo. When a world-famous conductor tries to create an Israeli-Palestinian orchestra, it takes all his skill and resources to overcome the discord an get them to play in harmony, rising to a tense and emotional finale.

CIFF44 Streams viewers will have access to single screening tickets at $8 per film beginning Wednesday, April 15 at 11 AM or viewers can become a CIFF member at the $75 Film Buff level to gain all-access login credentials once CIFF44 Streams launches. CIFF will offer $8 single screening tickets to individual films on April 15 at 11 AM. Visit https://www.clevelandfilm.org/membership to sign up. The link to CIFF44 Stream FAQs is https://www.clevelandfilm.org/faqs/ciff44-streams. Movies will stream through April 28, 2020.