The John Streeter Garden Amphitheater is located about 1000 ft. (5-10 minute walk) east of the main parking area (Lot A) at Secrest Arboretum. A smaller number of parking spaces are available at the entrance to the Secrest Welcome & Education Center along Williams Road (Lot B).

Please consult the map for suggested walking routes from both parking areas. Note that the walking route on the north side of the Secrest Welcome & Education Center consists of a gravel surface for part of the distance. Guests are asked to use caution. The southerly route is paved walkway for the entire distance. Volunteers will also be on hand to direct guests to the amphitheater.

For those who require assistance, we will be offering a shuttle service from both parking areas to the amphitheater and back. Multi-passenger golf carts will be available at each shuttle stop on the map. In the event that guests are asked to use the overflow parking area, a third shuttle stop will be available nearby.

For your convenience, the Secrest Welcome Center lobby and restrooms will be open during the concert. Portable restrooms are located near the Welcome Center along Williams Road and just north of Miller Pavilion.