ORMACO needs:
* 66 more reservations for Sounds of Summer on June 13
* $2,175 more to fully fund Jazz/Opera under the Stars
* Bottles of wine donated for the Sounds of Summer fundraiser for our wine raffle. To date we have TWO bottles donated by the wonderful Jean Holland.
*10 more reservations for June 30 Come from Away Party Bus
* Volunteers to help at the ORMACO booth on June 1 from 10-noon on the Medina Square.
*Volunteers to help with Jazz under the Stars from 6-9 pm on June 1.
*Volunteers to distribute Jazz posters around the square and around the Medina area. We have 100 posters to hang around town.
*Looking for a volunteer to help us with our social media as we just lost Sarah Boedecker who has been fantastic the past few years.
Thank you for your continued support! Please share and spread the good word!